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Introducing Timeless Talks first ever Timeless Athlete: Trevon Louie Hogen 6'1 180 pounds 4.33 40 yard dash Trevon is an elite athlete representing the Timeless Brand through his athletic play style and relentless work ethic.

From Humble beginnings, Trevon knows the value of hard work and perseverance. Living through the man up above, Trevon has never let anything get in the way of him and his goals. With aspirations of being an NFL Superstar, Trevons first action will be to provide his mother with the life she has always deserved. From the countless sacrifices she has made for him and his family, Trevon will not stop until he reaches the top.

Growing up, Trevon was often picked on for his size, but that quickly turned around once Trevon hit the High School field as his Coach, Joseph Taylor (La Porte High School Strength & Conditioning Coach), referred Trevon to be "One of the finest young men I ever had the chance to Coach"(Taylor). Taylor also mentioned Hogan's toughness as one of a kind as he shared a story during Trevons senior year: "He played his entire senior season on a pulled hamstring, limping off the field, drive after drive. We couldn't get him to come out; he refused to give up on his teammates. He still played extremely well even out there on one leg"(Taylor). 

Trevon wants the world to view him as someone to respect & someone who always makes the right decision when no one is looking. While his biggest inspiration is his mother, Trevon views himself as his biggest hero for all that he has been through. "There are a lot of verified athletes out there who don't respond to any dm's or messages but I respond to them all. I love helping athletes/people and believe I can be a serious help in this world," - Hogan states. "I am probably the most humble person you will ever know, and I hate presentations in class; I don't like going in front of people and speaking. I wouldn't say I like to talk trash on the football field because I love the game so much. The man across from me and I are on this field for the same reason, you want to buy your mom a house, I want to buy my mom a house, you want to win, I want to win".

Trevon is cautious with who he lets into his circle "There are so many fake people in this world, it's like you have snakes in your grass. The devil is always on your shoulder; as long as you have god in your life, everything will be alright"(Hogan).

With injuries in High School & College, Trevon questioned himself and his will to continue with the sport he loves most. After leaving Wyoming University due to family issues, Trevon did not know where his next home would be. He was then picked up by Houston University and faced another injury that set him out for the entire season.

Despite this, Trevon continues to have faith in himself and his career. His Coach reassured him that everything would work out if he continued to work hard and put god first.

"Football is not about how you play; it's about what you do" - Trevon Louie Hogan Instagram: ayolouiee

TikTok: loouuiieee

Timeless Talks Creators: Niko Schultz & Chris Ramsey